Commit ff6e9a64 authored by Jason Plum's avatar Jason Plum

Merge branch 'add-stop-to-qa-jobs' into 'master'

Add review stop to the environment fields in the branch qa jobs

See merge request charts/gitlab!771
parents b6cd1a95 f5927c63
Pipeline #59019529 passed with stages
in 33 minutes and 41 seconds
......@@ -805,6 +805,7 @@ qa_gke:
VARIABLES_FILE: "variables/review_gke"
name: gke_review/$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME
on_stop: stop_review_gke
extends: .qa_branch
......@@ -812,6 +813,7 @@ qa_eks:
VARIABLES_FILE: "variables/review_eks"
name: eks_review/$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME
on_stop: stop_review_eks
extends: .qa_production
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