Commit fed0dde5 authored by Jason Plum's avatar Jason Plum

Dangerfile: warn if Distribution label missing

Warn in CI if ~Distribution label is missing from MR, ensure that
gitlab-insights picks up work.
Signed-off-by: Jason Plum's avatarJason Plum <>
parent 838b2d58
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in 41 minutes and 32 seconds
......@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ if gitlab.mr_labels.empty?
fail "Please add labels to this merge request."
warn "You may want to add ~Distribution label to this MR for gitlab-insights" unless gitlab.mr_labels.include?("Distribution")
unless gitlab.mr_json["assignee"]
warn "This merge request does not have any assignee yet. Setting an assignee clarifies who needs to take action on the merge request at any given time."
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