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Added rails storage example for Azure

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# Example configuration of `connection` secret for Rails
# Example for Azure Storage
# See
# See
# NB: GitLab uses Fog ( to connect to GCS, S3 and S3 Compatible, but Azure support in Fog is on a separate project (, which GitLab doesnt currently support, so we will use S3-Compatible for Azure.
provider: AWS
region: us-east-1
aws_secret_access_key: YOUR_AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_KEY
# URL of your minio setup
endpoint: ""
# Setting path_style to true is important for Azure, this will make sure your storage containers are accessed using paths and not subdomains, subdomains will fail with 404s.
path_style: true
\ No newline at end of file
# Example configuration of registry `storage` secret
# Example for Google Cloud Storage
# Example for Azure Storage
# See
# See
# See
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