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Doc: add troubleshooting migrations / schema ver

Add troubleshooting documentation for schema version loop in
`dependencies` container of rails application pods.

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[issue #630]( where we recovered our
CI server from this problem.
## Application containers constantly initializing
If you experience Sidekiq, Unicorn, or other Rails based containers in a constant
state of Initializing, you're likely waiting on the `dependencies` container to
If you check the logs of a given Pod specifically for the `dependencies` container,
you may see the following repeated:
Checking database connection and schema version
WARNING: This version of GitLab depends on gitlab-shell 8.7.1, ...
Database Schema
Current version: 0
Codebase version: 20190301182457
This is an indication that the `migrations` Job has not yet completed. The purpose
of this Job is to both ensure that the database is seeded, as well as all
relevant migrations are in place. The application containers are attempting to
wait for the database to be at or above their expected database version. This is
to ensure that the application does not malfunction to the schema not matching
expectations of the codebase.
1. Find the `migrations` Job. `kubectl get job -lapp=migrations`
1. Find the Pod being run by the Job. `kubectl get pod -ljob-name=<job-name>`
1. Examine the output, checking the `STATUS` column.
If the `STATUS` is `Running`, continue. If the `STATUS` is `Completed`, the application conainers should start shortly after the next check passes.
Examine the logs from this pod. `kubectl logs <pod-name>`
Any failures during the run of this job should be addressed. These will block
the use of the application until resolved. Possible problems are:
- Unreachable or failed authentication to the configured PostgreSQL database
- Unreachable or failed authentication to the configured Redis services
- Failure to reach a Gitaly instance
## Included GitLab Runner failing to register
This can happen when the runner registration token has been changed in GitLab. (This often happens after you have restored a backup)
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