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    feat: Add ServiceMonitors, refactor metrics port names · d5618996
    Steve Hipwell authored and Jason Plum's avatar Jason Plum committed
    Adds Prometheus Operator' ServiceMonitor and PodMonitor objects to the GitLab
    charts. When these are enabled, "traditional" Prometheus annotations will be
    Refactors various metrics port names and exposures to be consistent, and more
    aligned to kubernetes practices as a results of consumption by ServiceMonitors.
    These _require_ the `Capabilities.APIVersions` list to include `"monitoring.coreos.com/v1`
    to template, even if enabled. If you enable these, but do not have the appropriate
    provider present within the cluster, or APIVersions added to `helm template`, they
    will not be rendered.
    Signed-off-by: Steve Hipwell's avatarSteve Hipwell <steve.hipwell@gmail.com>