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      Adds common labels for Kubernetes Agent Chart · 8ac8d5b3
      John Skarbek authored
      Introduces an option that helps apply a set of labels spread across all
      objects associated with the GitLab Kubernetes Agent (`kas`) chart.  Given the following:
            baz: "bat"
              foo: "bar"
      The label set `baz=bat` is applied to all objects created by the GitLab
      KAS Chart ( this is to expand to encompass all objects in the
      future, but this MR is already large ).  The label set
      `foo=bar` is applied to all objects for _**only**_ the GitLab KAS
      There are additional methods we can apply labels to various objects.
            common: label
            common_pod: label
            common_service: label
            extra_pod: label
            extra_service: label
      We expect to see all labels appropriately applied to the necessary
      objects.  We `merge` items for the chart that we are operating on into
      the common labels to help avoid creating duplicate labels.  Example,
      labels added specifically to the GitLab KAS chart are merged into the
      labels that are provided to the `global.common.labels` section.  We
      attempt to manage precedence as best possible leveraging the `merge`
      function.  Helm performs the following when building the template:
      * `gitlab.kas.podLabels` > `gitlab.kas.common.labels` > `global.pod.labels` > `global.common.labels` => Applies to the Deployment object for the GitLab KAS
      * `gitlab.kas.serviceLabels` > `gitlab.kas.common.labels` > `global.service.labels` > `global.common.labels` => Applies to the Service object for the GitLab KAS
      * `gitlab.kas.common.labels` > `global.common.labels` => Applies to essentially all other objects other than the above.
      Note that we do not interfere with the standard set of labels that we
      generate in the `_application.tpl`.  Users will still have the chance of
      creating labels that may interfere with each other, but the possibility
      should be low as the items generated us in `gitlab.standardLabels` are
      very minimal, would interfere with label selectors, and very common in
      the helm ecosystem.
      Should labels be repetitive, Helm will NOT bail, Kubernetes will NOT
      throw a warning, instead Kubernetes will take in the last key value pair
      in the label hash.  It is considered invalid YAML and will mark the
      appropriate keys as duplicates, and as such this will fail any YAML
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    • Thong Kuah's avatar
      Add prometheus annotations for kas · 28cccc45
      Thong Kuah authored
      This is so that:
      - The GitLab bundled prometheus can scrape the metrics
      - Other prometheus can also scrape the metrics with the standard
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    • Matt Kasa's avatar
      Fixes kas ServiceAccount: · 4f5a6d62
      Matt Kasa authored
      - Makes it default and required when kas deployment exists
      - Fixes its naming
      - Unmounts it from the deployment for better security