Commit 74d3cd3e authored by Jason Plum's avatar Jason Plum

Dependencies: add registry chart

Added registry chart & documentation, based on

- prefix is used so that improper tags are not picked up
- version is set without 'v'
- doc/charts/registry/ is blanket updated as regex doesn't work
Signed-off-by: Jason Plum's avatarJason Plum <[email protected]>
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# Registry chart / container
- url:
installed: 2.7.1
versions: L.Y.Y # locked to 2.X.X
tag_prefix: "v" # 'docs-v2.5.0-2016-07-28' was detected, need to use prefix
# although these are patterns, they're used in replacement, can not use regex
charts/registry/values.yaml: "tag: '{version_clean}'"
# blanket replacement is dangerous, but can't use two because duplicate key.
doc/charts/registry/ "{version_clean}" # change all versions
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