Commit 3812b003 authored by Mendy Baitelman's avatar Mendy Baitelman
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Fixing plat_specific_sv_name logic to work with Amazon Linux 2

node['platform_family'] for amazon linux 2 now returns 'amazon' not 'rhel'.
This needs to be updated as the service name is 'runsvdir-start' but its trying to use the default 'runsvdir'
Signed-off-by: mbaitelman's avatarMendy Baitelman <>
parent 30fe5e58
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ plat_specific_sv_name = case node['platform_family']
when 'rhel'
when 'rhel', 'amazon'
if node['platform_version'].to_i >= 7 && !platform?('amazon')
elsif node['platform_version'].to_i == 2 && platform?('amazon')
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