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Portfolio Management supports more complex work breakdown...

Portfolio Management supports more complex work breakdown structuresとStreamlining JavaScript development with NPM registriesとAnd so much moreの一部を翻訳
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## Portfolio Management supports more complex work breakdown structures
## ポートフォリオ管理がより複雑なWBSをサポート
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[Multi-level Child Epics](#multi-level-child-epics) are the newest addition to GitLab portfolio management, available in Ultimate. Child Epics enable multi-level work breakdown structures, helping you manage more complex projects and workplans. You can now have an epic containing both issues and epics.
This structure enables a direct connection between planning and actionable issues to implement.
[マルチレベル子エピック](#multi-level-child-epics) は、Ultimateで利用できる、GitLabポートフォリオ管理の最新機能です。
## Streamlining JavaScript development with NPM registries
## NPMレジストリを使用したJavaScript開発の合理化
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Gitlab 11.7 Premium delivers [NPM registries](#npm-registry) directly in GitLab, providing a standard, more secure way to share and version control NPM packages across projects. Simply share the package name and NPM and GitLab handles the rest, all within a single interface!
## And so much more
## その他の機能
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It is always so hard to pick which features are our top features in our monthly releases, so we are calling out a couple of additional cool features:
* [**Remediate vulnerability with patch file**](#remediate-vulnerability-with-patch-file): As you know, GitLab security features help you to detect vulnerabilities. With GitLab 11.7, you now have the ability to remediate that vulnerability and suggest a solution for Node.js projects managed with Yarn. While this is our first official remediation-type feature, you can be sure it is only just the beginning!
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