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## Managing releases just got a whole lot easier
## リリース管理がより簡単に
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GitLab 11.7 delivers [Releases](#publish-releases-for-your-projects) in GitLab Core. Users now have release snapshots that not only include the source code but _all_ related artifacts.
This eliminates the need for manual collection of source code, build output, and other metadata or artifacts associated with a released version of your code. Additionally, Releases sets the stage for broader, more robust release orchestration in the future.
GitLab11.7では、GitLab Coreに[リリース機能](#publish-releases-for-your-projects)を提供します。
ユーザは、ソースコードのみならず、全てのアーティファクトを含めたリリース時のスナップショット を保持することができるようになりました。
## Portfolio Management supports more complex work breakdown structures
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