Commit c874eb86 authored by Yuko Takano's avatar Yuko Takano

OpenShift template for installing GitLabを翻訳

parent d61b4617
......@@ -452,16 +452,14 @@ deprecations:
今すぐTLS v1.1を無効化したい場合は、`gitlab.rb`で`nginx['ssl_protocols'] = "TLSv1.2"`と編集し、`gitlab-ctl reconfigure`を実行します。
- feature_name: "OpenShift template for installing GitLab"
- feature_name: "GitLabインストール用のOpenShiftテンプレート"
feature_name_en: "OpenShift template for installing GitLab"
due: Jun. 22, 2019
reporter: joshlambert
description: |
The official [`gitlab` helm chart]( is the recommended method for
operating GitLab on Kubernetes, including [deployment on OpenShift](
公式の [`gitlab` helm chart]( は[OpenShiftへの構築](を含む、Kubernates上にGitLabを展開したいときに推奨される方法です。
The [OpenShift template](
for installing GitLab is deprecated, and will no longer be supported in GitLab [12.0](
- feature_name: "GitLab Geoではv12.0からHashed Storageが必要に"
feature_name_en: "GitLab Geo will enforce Hashed Storage in GitLab 12.0"
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