Commit 7aa5b963 authored by Taylor A Murphy, PhD's avatar Taylor A Murphy, PhD 🚀

Merge branch 'tayloramurphy-master-patch-78377' into 'master'

Add custom html for dbt docs

See merge request !1631
parents 5ac066f2 c14ffc12
......@@ -155,8 +155,9 @@ python_pytest:
- dbt docs generate --profiles-dir profile --target docs
- mkdir -p $CI_PROJECT_DIR/public/dbt/snowflake
- cd target
- cp *.json *.html graph.gpickle $CI_PROJECT_DIR/public/dbt/snowflake/
- cp $CI_PROJECT_DIR/transform/snowflake-dbt/docs/gitlab.css $CI_PROJECT_DIR/public/dbt/snowflake/
- cp *.json graph.gpickle $CI_PROJECT_DIR/public/dbt/snowflake/
- cd $CI_PROJECT_DIR/transform/snowflake-dbt/docs/
- cp index.html gitlab.css $CI_PROJECT_DIR/public/dbt/snowflake/
- analytics
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