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......@@ -53,13 +53,7 @@ Overview of the Leadership Forum design:
* Organize the live Leadership Forum for participants who have completed the test for that leadership topic. The Leadership Forum is guided by an individual at the next level above the participants' leadership group (e.g., E-group member guides S-Group Leadership Forum, and so on).
* A 25-minute Leadership Forum should have a maximum of 5 participants.
Format for 25 minute Leadership Forum session:
* 1 minute for quick introductions
* 5 minutes for participants to ask questions about the leadership topic (from the handbook or from the test)
* 5 minutes for one participant to share one personal story about the leadership topic
* 4 minutes total for other participants (1 minute each) to share their reactions to that story ("This reminds me of..." This feels like....) Note: At no point in the Leadership Forum should participants give advice or ask clarifying questions of individuals who are telling their story.
* 10 minutes for other personal stories (3 minutes each)
Further details about the format as well as topics and dates can be found on the [Leadership Forum](https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/people-group/learning-and-development/leadership-forum/) page.
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