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- **Ultimate**
Improvements to the full pitch including [Why Ultimate](/pricing/ultimate/)
### Trip Notes
The ultimate purpose of attending any GitLab field event is to gain insight and add value. Sid Sijbrandij, our CEO, talks about the importance of conferences and events [here]( He believes the main goal of GitLab team participation should always be to connect with our customers and prospects and not to solely attend presentations. Trip notes are our internal process for tracking and capturing this data.
#### Why and When?
Trip notes are required for the entire Commercial Sales Team anytime a team member travels for the company while working at GitLab. We believe it would be fun and valuable if you also shared trip notes when you traveled for personal reasons; however, that is up to your discretion.
#### How to properly document your trip notes?
Please follow the best practice process and use the [trip note template]( as a format to prepare for your future trip.
#### Trip Notes Best Practice
1. Commercial attendee will write up their notes in a google doc.
2. Please save your notes as GitLab internal read only for Commercial Team review in the [Commercial Sales Drive Trip Notes Folder](
3. Once saved, please slack and share a link to your notes in the commercial_global_all channel to alert the team of your recent trip.
4. Finally, please share your [Post Trip feedback]( for the entire company and the Field Marketing team directly in the specific Event Issue on the ‘Post Event Recap & Feedback’ spreadsheet.
### Give Back Project
#### What is the Give Back Project?
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