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story: |
Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Heather is passionate about building and engaging audiences through digital marketing and collaborative communications tools. Prior to joining GitLab, Heather spent over a decade in marketing and communications roles at CSC and DXC Technology. She's in love with coffee, books and all things dogs. Any time not working is spent with her two daughters, husband and two dogs. She's trying to get into running and completed the Pittsburgh half-marathon last year, but really, she'd rather be reading.
- slug: us-sr-seca
- slug: ushaswaminathan
type: person
name: Usha Swaminathan
start_date: 2019-02-25
location_factor: 0.6889
locality: Atlanta,GA
country: USA
role: <a href="/job-families/engineering/security-analyst/">Senior Security Analyst, Compliance</a>
reports_to: melissa-f
picture: ../gitlab-logo-extra-whitespace.png
picture: ushaswaminathan.jpg
gitlab: uswaminathan
- Engineering Function
- Security Department
story: |
Joined February 25th
Usha specializes in information security compliance with a background in operations and management. Prior to GitLab she was the Senior Information Security Officer at the State of New Jersey managing and leading federal security audits ensuring data privacy, governance, risk and compliance. She has also worked as management consultant specializing in cloud migrations, security implementations and disaster recovery. She enjoys, long walks, cooking and gardening with her husband and daughter. In her spare time, she teaches indian classical dance to her neighborhood kids.
- slug: malgorzata-ksionek
type: person
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