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title: "Director of Marketing & Sales Development"
title: "Senior Director of Growth Marketing"
## Responsibilities
* The Director of Marketing and Sales Development will own all lead generation activities at GitLab, from traffic generation to lead capture, scoring & nurturing with a focus on sales development, online acquisition, marketing operations, content marketing, and field marketing.
* Manage a (growing) team of 18 reporting into the role.
* The Senior Director of Growth Marketing will own online growth marketing, marketing operations, marketing program management, and field marketing.
* Ensure enough inbound demand is generated to ensure the inbound lead qualification team hits their sales accepted opportunity target.
* Support sales, sales development, and channel marketing in hitting their sales pipeline creation targets.
* Exhibit deep expertise in software marketing, as well as people management experience.
* Metrics-based approach, and strong results in both content & field marketing.
* Metrics-based approach to marketing planning and strategy.
## Requirements
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