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......@@ -40,11 +40,14 @@ for 30 minutes, for all team members to pitch blog posts, get writing help, ask
The blog is not the permanent place for tutorials, which should live in the docs and should be linked to when relevant.
### Definitions
We use content definitions to make it faster to track the effectiveness of different types of blog posts. There are three categories we use to differentiate blog content:
1. **Content marketing:** Examples, education, reporting, storytelling, thought leadership, and use cases.
1. **Corporate:** Company news, announcements, and community updates (ex: issue bash, contributor profiles).
1. **Product:** Release posts, critical updates, and partnership announcements.
Use the `postType` frontmatter option to set the content definition.
## Workflow
We follow the [GitLab Workflow](/gitlab-flow/). At GitLab, everyone can contribute, and we encourage anyone to submit a blog post idea or write your own. Below are instructions on how to contribute to the GitLab blog.
......@@ -213,6 +216,7 @@ ee_cta: false # required only if you do not want to display the EE-trial banner
install_cta: false # required only if you do not want to display the 'Install GitLab' banner
twitter_text: "Text to tweet" # optional; If no text is provided it will use post's title.
featured: yes # reviewer should set
postType: content definition # i.e.: content marketing, product, corporate
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