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For Android there's no definitive link, since most vendors have different UIs for their settings. But in the Settings-app, look for "Date & Time" and there should be a "Automatic Date & Time" toggle.
[ (free trial)]( provides music specially designed to help you focus, relax, meditate, recharge, sleep (great for plane rides).
It's not just music though. They use scientifically validated brainwave manpulations to get results. It is AMAZING and really does work.
Make sure to use with headphones, and give it 10-15 minutes for your brain to get used to it. ($6.95/$15.99/$47.40 per month/quarter/year)
## Do NOT Use
**Flash**: Due to security flaws, we strongly recommend _not_ using Adobe Flash. Certainly do not install it on your local machine. But even the Google Chrome plugin that let's you see embedded Flash content in websites can pose a security hazard. If you have not already, go to your [Chrome Flash Settings](chrome://settings/content/flash) and disable Flash. For further context, note that [Google Chrome is removing Flash support soon](, and while the [plugin is better than a local install of Flash](, it still leaves vulnerabilities for [zero-day attacks](
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