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......@@ -70,8 +70,6 @@ only. Send Job a message to sign up.
1. [GitLab Workshop Part 4: Basics of Git and GitLab](
1. [Demo of](
1. [Making GitLab Great for Everyone, our response to the Dear GitHub letter](
1. Understanding [terminology](
......@@ -46,17 +46,30 @@ Complement the [General Boot Camp](../#general-boot-camp) with these topics:
- [Updating Tickets](
- [Working w/ Tickets]( *Read: avoiding agent collision.*
1. Read through old tickets that your colleagues have worked on.
1. Learn about the future at GitLab: [Direction Page](/direction/)
1. Dive into our ZenDesk support process by reading how to [handle tickets](/handbook/support/onboarding.html#handling-tickets)
#### Week 4
### Week 4 and beyond
1. Advanced GitLab topics
- Set up and try [Git Annex](
- Set up and try [Git LFS](
- Get to know the [GitLab API](,
its capabilities and shortcomings.
- Learn how to [migrate from SVN to Git](
- Set up [GitLab CI](
- Create your first [GitLab Page](
1. Join Support Calls by asking with your colleagues to invite you.
1. Start getting real world experience by handling real tickets. Begin with Twitter
and make your way down in the priority order.
1. Schedule a DevOps training to be able to handle going down.
1. Schedule a DevOps training to be able to handle going down.
1. Get to know the GitLab Codebase by reading through the source code:
- Find the differences between the [EE codebase](
and the [CE codebase](
1. Ask as many questions as you can think of the the `#support` chat channel.
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