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Add to provide where you expect content to land in handbook when collaborating

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......@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ Only do this for things that are unlikely to break the tests, so modifying markd
In this case you need to be OK with reverting them if they are contentious.
As soon as we have [git push option to merge when pipeline succeeds]( nobody can push to master anymore and this section should be removed.
Sometimes you want to have real time editing of a proposal during a meeting and you need to use a Google Doc for that. When doing so the first item should be the URL of the handbook page this content will be moved to when the meeting is over.
## Why handbook first
Documenting in the handbook before taking an action may require more time initially because you have to think about where to make the change, integrate it with the existing content, and then possibly add to or refactor the handbook to have a proper foundation. But, it saves time in the long run, and this communication is essential to our ability to continue scaling and adapting our organization.
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