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The best friend any cat, kid, adult, etc. could have!! Unfortunately does not play well with other dogs. He loves being around people and very protective of his two cat brothers Socks and Sasha. Loves chasing the ball, but probably loves cuties more.
- name: Nanairoacha (nan, nana, na, nanface, etc)
picture: nanairoacha.png
human: Charlie Ablett
story: |
Nan was rescued from the streets in Canada when she was 2, but now enjoys rural life in New Zealand. She loves lying under the comfrey when it's hot, snuggling on my lap when it's colder, and is super friendly and fluffy.
- name: Ginny Longtail
picture: ginnygins.png
human: Charlie Ablett
story: |
Ginny is fluffy and soft, and her seismic purr can be felt from across the room. Don't let that fool you - she's actually kind of evil and has the best hunting skills around. Personally, I'm rather glad she's out of the "surpise lacerations" phase of kittenhood.
- name: Ellie Artemis
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