Commit d336eb4d authored by Cullen Taylor's avatar Cullen Taylor 🥚

Add support for jpeg|jpg files in /partners

The integrate instructions for the partners page say that both jpeg
and png image filetypes are supported. However, the haml code for
the partners page currently looks for images of png type only. This
will correct that discrepancy so that jpeg is supported, and any
additional image filetypes can be supported as well.
Signed-off-by: Cullen Taylor's avatarCullen Taylor <>
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......@@ -37,7 +37,9 @@ extra_js:
- category.applications.each do |application|
.app-image-container{ data: { src: "/images/applications/apps/#{application.title.parameterize.underscore}.png", alt: "#{application.title} logo png" } }
- fullpath = Dir.glob('source/images/applications/apps/' + application.title.parameterize.underscore + '.{jpg,jpeg,png}').to_s
- buildpath = JSON.parse(fullpath).join(', ').split('source')[1]{ data: { src: "#{buildpath}", alt: "#{application.title} logo image" } }
= application.title
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