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How to talk about people outside GitLab the company

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<li>Always use <a href="">ISO dates</a> in all writing and legal documents, yyyy-mm-dd, e.g., 2015-04-13, and never 04-13-2015 or l3-04-2015</li>
<li>If you have multiple points in a comment or email, please number them to make replies easier.</li>
<li>In urls, always prefer hyphens to underscores.</li>
<li>Always refer to 'the rest of the community', not 'the community' when referencing people outside the company since we're all in this together as one community.</li>
<li>Always write GitLab with a capitalized G and L, even when writing</li>
<li>When stating monetary amounts shouldn't have one digit, so prefer $19.90 to $19.9</li>
<li>If an email needs a response but the ask at the top of it.</li>
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