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title: "Breaking change: Support for API v3 will be removed imminently"
author: James Ramsay
author_gitlab: jramsay
author_twitter: jamesramsay
categories: GitLab API
description: "With the removal of deprecated GitLab API v3, requests to the API v3 will fail with GitLab 11.0"
When we release GitLab 11.0, **integrations using the API v3 will not be able to communicate with GitLab anymore**, since the old version of the API will be removed.
All integrations using the API v4 will continue to work as usual without any modification.
We encourage all of our users who are still using the deprecated API v3 to **upgrade your integrations to use the API v4 as soon as possible** to avoid any downtime.
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In the GitLab 8.17 release post, we announced the [deprecation of API v3](, and that support for API v3 would be dropped in a future release.
**We are still seeing a high volume of traffic on using API v3 requests.**
Please ensure that you upgrade any integrations to API v4 to avoid any downtime. Documentation is available for [CE]( and [EE](
## When will this happen?
GitLab 11.0 will be released on MONTH, DATE. Please consider that integrations using API v3 connected to will stop working as soon as the first RC is deployed to production, and this will happen around MONTH, DATE.
**Be sure that you update all integrations before this date**.
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