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Evolution of the handbook.

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......@@ -163,3 +163,12 @@ An applicant asked how we manage to do this and these are the factors that come
1. Separate decision making from giving input. [As detailed in our handbook](/handbook/leadership/#making-decisions) we leave the decision to the person doing the work or their manager, this prevents the need for exponentially more coordination as we grow.
1. We [iterate](/handbook/values/#iteration) so that we keep learning quickly and reduce the risk of decisions.
1. We have [functional teams](/handbook/leadership/#no-matrix-organization) that make us efficient but as mentioned in that text we promote organic cross-functional collaboration by giving people stable natural counterparts.
## Evolution of the handbook
As we the company grows my use of the handbook is changing.
1. Until 20 people I mostly did things myself.
1. From then on I focussed on documenting things in the [handbook](
1. Then I asked people to document things.
1. Now we [documented to document it](
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