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Procedure for goodbye messages

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Regarding involuntary terminations, certain information can also be shared with the GitLab team regarding the departure. Some team members do not thrive or enjoy the work that they were hired to do. For example after starting at GitLab a team member quickly learns they have no desire or interest to learn Git or work with Git. This doesn't make them a bad person, it just means they don't have the interest for the role and based on that the decision was made to exit the company. Again, we want all team members to enjoy and thrive in their work and that may or may not be at GitLab.
If the departing employee approves the manager can share that information when the departure is announced. Simply after starting the team member realized this was not a good fit and working with their manager decided to leave. For either voluntary or involuntary departures, the departing employee can author a message to be posted by the manager in Slack or in the Company call agenda. A note to managers, you should always agree with the departing team member on what will be shared and never share something that you would not want the departing team member to hear about.
The departing team member may author a goodbye message for either voluntary or involuntary terminations:
1. Write your message, for example, "It was a pleasure working with you all. I've decided to pursue an opportunity in a different industry that is more aligned with my interested. I'll be rooting for GitLab from the sidelines. Stay in touch: Cheers!"
1. Send it to your manager and People Ops representative for approval
1. The manager should post the agreed upon message verbatim in the company call agenda and slack goodbye announcements
In some instances there will be no further clarification on why a team member has departed, if there are concerns you can address those with your manager. Different levels of transparency will exist based on maintaining respectful treatment for all departures. Having team members leave may be a learning opportunity for some, but should not be a point of gossip for anyone. Managers will need to balance the opportunity for learning with the expectation of privacy and consult their People Business Partner should they have questions.
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