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......@@ -234,24 +234,20 @@ To find out what upcoming events GitLab and our resellers will be involved in pl
- Did we have enough/too much?
- Contests
- Did the contest(s) effectively build our brand and connecting with our target audience?
- When the list is received from conference, the list will be shared with team & uploaded to SFDC campaign by Mktg OPS.
- Records that are part of an existing named Account will be assigned to the named Account Owner by default.
- Data integrity is everyone's responsibility and we ask if you see that an `Account` you own and the **Account Name** does not match what is listed in Salesforce, please correct to match.
- List upload will be done within 48 hours of list being received by conference organizers. All records will be added to corresponding Salesforce campaign as CONTACTS and either get the status of:
- Campaign Member Status = `Visited Booth` & Contact Status = `Raw`: if there are no notes on the spreadsheet
- Campaign Member Status = `Follow Up Requested` & Contact Status = `Inquiry`: if there is specific follow up or notes on the spreadsheet
- The `Follow Up Requested` CONTACTS are considered **Tier 1** and should be contacted immediately with as much personalization as possible.
- When the list is uploaded, if any new record is associated to a known account they will be assigned to that Account Owner, but if the record does not belong to any known account they will be enriched using Clearbit. Using the `Total Employee` count & any regional information enriched, assigned as follows:
- `Large` = Territory Owner based on location of Company HQ
- `Mid-Market` = Appropriate Mid-Market Sales Rep
- `SMB` = Appropriate Customer Advocate associate
- If record cannot be enriched with enough data to route correctly the record will be assigned to `Sales Admin` for the SDR Leads to review and reassign.
- The [SDR organization](/handbook/marketing/marketing-sales-development/sdr/) is responsible for ensuring leads from Field Marketing efforts have the correct [contact status](/handbook/business-ops/#customer-lifecycle) throughout the life of the contact.
- If the AE/AM would like to do any personalized outreach to event records they will be responsible for coordinating efforts with SDR and documenting any activity and updating statuses in Salesforce. AE's will have one work week to take care of outreach and update the `Contact Status`. If not activity has happened in the first week SDR's will take over outreach.
- Check for existing account records before engaging contacts. Salesforce *cannot* fuzzy match records and only matches records using the `Email Address` field as the unique identifier. A LeanData workflow will be leveraged to match & merge duplicates or variations but no automated system is perfect.
- Marketing will send out **one** email to ALL event CONTACTS in Campaign (within 3 business days of event close).
- The Account Owner or delegated SDR will send a follow up email to their owned account contacts (within 3 business days of event close). The `Contact Status` **must** be updated to reflect [outreach status](/handbook/business-ops/#lead--contact-statuses).
- FMM campaign owner will check in on campaign and `Contact Status` one week, two weeks, one month, and three months out from event assisting in any additional nurturing efforts to move the needle forward.
**Event List**
1. List received by FMM from event organizers
2. FMM reviews and cleans up list following the guidelines for [list imports](/handbook/business-ops/#list-imports)
3. List is sent to Marketing OPS for upload to SFDC & associate to related Campaign (w/in 24hrs of receipt from event)
4. Marketing OPS creates CONTACT view in SFDC; assigns records based on Territory ownership.
5. Marketing OPS notifies MPM/FMM when the list has been uploaded so the Marketing follow up email can be sent
6. Marketing OPS posts in the event Issue & on `#sales`/`#sdrs_and_bdrs` slack channel - a link to SFDC campaign and a ink to SDFC CONTACT view
Common Questions:
- Record ownership will be assigned using the [Global Ownership](/handbook/business-ops/#global-account-ownership) rules
- All followup needs to be tracked in SFDC
- List upload needs to be done **before** follow up is done so we can ensure proper order of operations & attribution is given correctly
## Terminus Campaigns
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