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......@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@ We'd love to support you if you are organizing an event, be it GitLab-centric or
Events Decision Tree:
![event decision tree](/images/handbook/marketing/event-decision-tree.png)
### Submit an event request to our team
To submit a community event for support or sponsorship:
1. Review our events decision tree to ensure you are directing your event inquiry to the appropriate team.
......@@ -33,6 +35,8 @@ To submit a community event for support or sponsorship:
1. GitLab XDRs: for *contact requests* received in Salesforce via the [Sales webform]( requesting event sponsorship, please change ownership to `GitLab Evangelist` in SFDC & be sure to "check the box" to send a notification.
1. GitLab's Evangelist Program Manager will review the request and follow up with the event contact.
### How we assess requests
We ask the following questions when assessing an event:
- Will there be a GitLab speaker? We do not require a speaker slot in return for sponsorship but we do prioritize events where the audience will be hearing about GitLab - either from a GitLab team member or a member of the wider GitLab community.
- What type of people will be attending the event? We prioritize events attended by diverse groups of developers with an interest in DevSecOps, Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Serverless, Multi-cloud, CI/CD, Open Source, and other related topics.
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