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......@@ -15223,7 +15223,7 @@
- slug: strategic-acc-leader
type: person
name: John O.
start_date: 2019-08-21
start_date: 2019-08-19
location_factor: 0.7
......@@ -15236,7 +15236,7 @@
- Sales
- Sales NQR
story: |
Joining August 21st
Joining August 19th
- slug: strategic-acc-leadermi
type: person
......@@ -18770,25 +18770,21 @@
Brandon started off with a degree in architecture, moved into graphic and industrial design, and then ended up as a self-taught frontend web developer who also specializes in UX. In his spare time he plays around with the latest gadgets such as mobile, AR/VR, wearables, IoT, and voice interaction. When he isn’t gardening or hiking he’s probably disc-golfing or playing video games.
- slug: area-sales-mgr-us-east
type: vacancy
name: New Vacancy
start_date: 2020-01-01
type: person
name: Sheila W.
start_date: 2019-08-19
location_factor: 0.7
placeholder: true
locality: US East
country: Remote
role: <a href="/job-families/sales/area-sales-manager/">Area Sales Manager (US East)</a>
reports_to: mark-r
picture: ../gitlab-logo-extra-whitespace.png
- Vacancy
expertise: |
<li>Recruiter: Kelly Murdock</li>
<li><a href="">Application Link</a></li>
- Enterprise Sales
story: |
Open Position
Joining August 19th
- slug: strat-acct-lead-dg
type: person
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