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......@@ -5680,20 +5680,20 @@
- slug: sr-fld-mktg-mgr
type: person
name: L.B.
name: Leslie Blanchard
start_date: May 29, 2018
locality: Portland, OR
country: USA
role: <a href="/roles/marketing/field-marketing-manager/">Senior Field Marketing Manager, U.S. East and Public</a>
role_slug: senior-field-marketing-manager
reports_to: senior-director-marketing-sales-development
picture: ../gitlab-logo-extra-whitespace.png
picture: ../leslieblanchard.jpg
gitlab: lblanchard
- Marketing
story: |
Joining May 29th
Hailing from North Carolina, Leslie has equal parts zeal for both city-based foodie expeditions as she does for riding horseback in the country. A big believer that travel can be a transformative experience, Leslie has visited 5 of 7 continents, with aspirations of hitting them all. Throughout her career, Leslie has found that she is passionate about partnering with sales to grow and retain their customer base and she takes pride in getting to know as many customers as possible!
- slug: sr-prod-mktg-mgr-sec
type: person
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