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**Note from September 30, 2018: Email policy has been updated**
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At GitLab, we strive to communicate with people in a way that is beneficial to them. Most of our email marketing communications follow an explicit opt-in policy, although at times, we may communicate via email to people who have not explicitly opted in. We do this to offer something of value (e.g. an invitation to a workshop, dinner, the opportunity to meet an industry leader, etc. – not an email inviting you to read a blog post). We always include the unsubscribe link in our communications and we respect the unsubscribe list.
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With [GitLab 9.5](/2017/08/22/gitlab-9-5-released/) we introduced a change to our email policy. If you want to keep hearing from us (we hope you do!) you'll need to opt in by visiting the [subscription center](
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