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## Headcount planning
At the beginning of each year, and at various points in the year, GitLab does a headcount plan for the whole Product Development group. This includes Product Management, which is a separate function from Engineering, because it rolls up into the same budget in finance. It does not include the Support department, which is part of the engineering function, because Support comes from the cost-of-sales budget and is driven by a separate model.
Before the beginning of each fiscal year, and at various check points throughout the year, we plan the size and shape of the Engineering and Product Management functions together to maintain symmetry.
The VP of Engineering is the DRI (directly responsible individual) for headcount planning. They will maintain the planning artifact, interface with the Product Management leader, collaborate with engineering department heads, and communicate with Finance and People Ops (recruiting). They will help everyone surface discrepencies and make tradeoffs to meet business goals.
The process should take place in a single artifact (usually a spreadsheet), and follow these steps:
It's important to note that our Product Management leadership is a major stakeholder in the interior of our Development department since it reflects our [product categories](/handbook/product/categories/). Also, our CEO has influence over the entire plan since it emcompasses two functions.
| Portion | Stakeholder(s) |
| PM | VP of Product |
| Development | Sr Director of Development, VP of Product |
| Security | Director of Security |
| Quality | Interim Director of Quality |
| UX | Director of UX |
| Infrastructure | Director of Infrastructure |
The reasons for the VP of Engineering performing this duty is that:
* The vast majority of Product Development group headcount is in the Engineering function
* Engineering Departments such as Security, Quality, UX, and Infrastructure scale differently than the Development department, and the VPE has that context and the relationships already established
1. *Product Management:* Supplies headcount numbers for PMs and development groups propotional to our roadmap efforts
1. *Engineering:* Supplies feedback to Product, headcount for management roles in the development department, and full plans for the Security, UX, Quality, and Infrastructure departments
1. *CEO:* Supplies feedback to Engineering and Product, or gives final approval
Note: Support is part of the engineering function but is budgeted as 'cost of sales' instead of research and development. Headcount planning is done separately according to a different model.
## Starting new teams
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