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......@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@ title: "2018 Q4 OKRs"
* November: 58,362 sessions
* December: 61,280 sessions
* CMO: Measure pipe-to-spend for all marketing activities. Content team based on it, link meaningful conversations to pipe, double down on what works.
* VP Alliances: Establish differentiated relationships with Major Clouds. GitLab as a Service LoI on a major cloud, 500+ leads through joint marketing, GTM and Partner agreement in place tihe a large private cloud provider.
* VP Alliances: establish GitLab as DevOps tool for CNCF. Three keynote/speaking engagements at CNCF events and 1000+ leads from K8s partners
* CFO: Use data to drive business decisions
......@@ -36,7 +35,7 @@ title: "2018 Q4 OKRs"
* Director of Business Operations: Looker Explores generated for Customer Support, PeopleOps, Event Data, Marketing Data
* Data & Analytics: Single Data Lake for all raw and transformed company data - migration to Snowflake compelte with DevOps workflow in place, production data extracted and modelled
* Data & Analytics: Configuration and Business processes documented with integrity tests that sync back with upstream source (SFDC), dbt docs deployed
* Product: Prioritize top 10 feature requests from Sales/CS.
### CEO: Popular next generation product. Finish 2018 vision of entire DevOps lifecycle. is ready for mission critical applications. All installations have a graph of DevOps score vs. releases per year.
......@@ -135,7 +134,7 @@ title: "2018 Q4 OKRs"
* Product:
* Significantly improve navigation of the documentation. Ship global navigation. Improve version navigation. Revamp [first page of the EE docs](
* Move vision forward every release. Prioritize at least one vision issue for each stage in every release.
* Every new feature ships with usage metrics on day 1, without negatively impacting velocity
* Every new feature ships with usage metrics on day 1, without negatively impacting velocity.
* CMO:
* Corporate marketing: Help our customers evangelize GitLab. 3 customer or user talk submissions accepted for DevOps related events.
* Corporate marketing: Drive brand consistency across all events. Company-level messaging and positioning incorporated into pre-event training, company-level messaging and positioning reflected in all event collateral and signage.
......@@ -227,7 +226,7 @@ title: "2018 Q4 OKRs"
* Optimize Greenhouse and provide refresher training to hiring managers
* Support Headcount planning process driven by Finance to ensure one source of truth and process for hiring plan and recruiter capacity
* Continue work on ELO score for interviews. First interation complete by mid November.
* Product: Hire 2 Directors
* Product: Hire 2 Directors of Product
[error budget]: /handbook/engineering/#error-budgets
[phase 1 of preparedness for Elasticsearch on]:
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