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### Managing an existing subscription
To see the status of your subscription, you can click on the Billings
section of the relevant namespace:
* For individuals, this is located at under
in your Settings,
* For groups, this is located under the group's Settings dropdown, under Billing.
For groups, you can see details of your subscription - including your current
plan - in the included table:
![Billing table](/images/gitlab-com/billing_table.png)
| Field | Description |
| ------ | ------ |
| Seats in subscription | If this is a paid plan, this represents the number of seats you've paid to support in your group. |
| Seats currently in use | The number of active seats currently in use. |
| Max seats used | The highest number of seats you've used. If this exceeds the seats in subscription, you may owe an additional fee for the additional users. |
| Seats owed | If your max seats used exceeds the seats in your subscription, you'll owe an additional fee for the users you've added. |
| Subscription start date | The date your subscription started. If this is for a Free plan, this is the date you transitioned off your group's paid plan. |
| Subscription end date | The date your current subscription will end. This does not apply to Free plans. |
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