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Merge branch 'dimitrieh-master-patch-09784' into 'master'

Update detail dimitrie hoekstra, including mentioning  of interning for PM for…

See merge request !17240
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......@@ -221,13 +221,21 @@ namespace :lint do
next if role.nil?
match = role.match /href="(.+)"/
if match
role_url = Regexp.last_match(1).gsub(/#.+/, '')
# This regex consists of:
# 1. A positive lookbehind looking for `href="`
# 2. The actual text to be captured (any characted non-greedy)
# 3. A positive lookabead looking for a closing `"`
# It is done this way because lookbehinds/lookaheads don't create capturing groups
# (though we could have also used non-capturing groups `(?:stuff)`)
match = role.scan /(?<=href=").+?(?=")/
next unless match.any? do |url|
role_url = url.gsub(/#.+/, '')
role_url unless File.exist?("source#{role_url}")
unless roles.empty?
......@@ -1490,7 +1490,7 @@
start_date: 2016-08-04
locality: Breda
country: The Netherlands
role: <a href="/job-families/engineering/ux-designer/">UX Designer, Release (CD) & Verify (CI)</a>
role: <a href="/job-families/engineering/ux-designer/">UX Designer, Release (CD) & Verify (CI)</a> and <a href="/job-families/product/product-manager/">Intern Product Manager, Packaging</a>
reports_to: ux-manager-ops
picture: dimitrie.jpg
twitter: dimitrieh
......@@ -1499,8 +1499,11 @@
- Engineering
- Product Development
- UX
- Product Management
gitlab-design: maintainer reviewer UX
gitlab-svgs: maintainer
expertise: |
<li>Create <a href="/company/team/structure/#expert">expert</a></li>
<li>Configure <a href="/company/team/structure/#expert">expert</a></li>
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