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Taking a shot at incremental execution

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3. Technical architecture has been drafted and is agreed upon
4. Scoping and splitting up into actionable issues has happened
### Execution levels based on priority
Short of having a dedicated group of engineers and designers there are many incremental ways to prioritize work that is from a new product category, or overflowing from an existing product category.
| Level | Execution Type Example |
| 0 | We will not prioritize an issue if it is not important, or below the cutline for a release |
| I | We assign one issue to an engineer on another team, assuming both PMs can accept the tradeoff |
| II | We assign isses to one engineer from another team for one entire release |
| III | We create a new specialty for an engineer on an existing team, and create a shared manager team |
| IV | We have N+1 engineers dedicated to this specialty on the shared manager team (up to our span-of-control guidelines) |
| V | We have a dedicated team with a manager and multiple engineers focused on one specialty |
| VI | We have a dedciated backend team, and part of a shared manager frontend team dedicated to a specialty |
| VII | We have multiple backend teams, and a frontend team dedicated to a specialty |
The end state for major product categories is to have a dedicated group with N engineering teams, designers, and PMs.
### Kickoff meeting
#### Preparation
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