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Describe CEO Shadow task management process

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......@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@ Outgoing shadows are responsible for training incoming shadows. Here's a list of
1. How to [update the Mission Control TV screens](#how-to-use-keyboard-and-mouse-to-update-screens).
1. When to show up to Mission Control, getting to events, dinners, etc.
1. [How to set up a livestream](/handbook/communication/youtube/#how-to). Make sure you are added as a co-host for any planned livestreams ahead of time.
1. Ensure incoming Shadow has access to the CEO Shadow agenda and knows how to make changes to the handbook. The Shadow agenda is a Google Sheet titled "CEO Shadow agenda"; it is also linked in the ceo-shadow Slack channel description.
1. Ensure incoming Shadow has access to the CEO Shadow agenda and knows how to make changes to the handbook.
1. The CEO's calendar is the single source of truth. Shadows should check the CEO calendar for updates often. Shadows are not invited explicitly to every event because that is too much work. Some events like calls with family members will say 'no shadows' to make clear the event isn't suitable for shadows.
1. Because interviews are marked private (busy) for confidentiality reasons the Executive Assistant will invite Shadows to those events directly. As a result, you will get an email from Greenhouse asking for candidate feedback, which is not necessary.
1. Access to the [CEO Shadow Vault]( If you do not have access, please ask the Executive Admin to the CEO for access.
......@@ -218,6 +218,16 @@ The tasks consist of short term tasks, for example:
1. Answer the phone.
1. Answer the door.
#### Collecting and managing tasks
CEO Shadows maintain a GoogleDoc called "CEO Shadow Tasks".
It is linked in the #ceo-shadow Slack channel description.
Collect tasks using the first name of the shadow who captured it.
Add at the end to indicate who will action it.
Mark items that require a documentation update as `DOCUMENT`.
Once those items have an open MR against them and have been posted in the #ceo-shadow mark them as `REVIEW`.
Once those items are merged you should remove them from the GoogleDoc.
Some items might also have headers of `DISCUSS`, `IDEA`, or `TODO` based off of the [recommended 1:1 format](/handbook/leadership/1-1/suggested-agenda-format/index.html).
### Email Best Practices
In order to ensure continuity across CEO shadow participants. Always, cc `` on emails as part of the program. This ensure that even after
you've left the program the response and follow up can be tracked.
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