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......@@ -16,7 +16,8 @@ branches. And when it's time to deploy it, all it takes is a single click, with
manual actions.
This month's Most Valuable Person ([MVP]( is
Winnie! Winnie has been incredibly helpful fixing bugs in GitLab and even
triaging issues on
Thanks ***Winnie***!
......@@ -210,6 +211,28 @@ adding many new and updated emoji!
![New Emoji in GitLab 8.10!](/images/8_10/new_emoji.png)
## Domain Blacklist
You can now block certain domains from signing up by adding them to the
domain blacklist. Find the settings in the admin.
## Toggle Git Access Protocols
You can now configure Git access controls: enabling or disabling SSH, HTTP or
## Inline Videos now supported!
GitLab will now render inline videos in comments and descriptions of
issues and merge requests.
## Build Warnings
When your CI pipeline passes, but there were some warnings, GitLab will now
tell you in the related merge request:
![Build warnings in GitLab 8.10](/images/8_10/warnings.png)
## License Usage Report (EE only)
To help us better engage with our customers, 8.10 EE periodically attempts to
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