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### Team
- **Erica Lindberg, Manager, Content Marketing**
- Area of focus: Leadership, case studies
- Contact: [@erica](
- **Rebecca Dodd, Managing Editor**
- Area of focus: Blog endboss, editing blog posts
- Contact: [@rebecca](
- **Emily von Hoffmann, Associate Social Marketing Manager**
- Area of focus: Social media and Medium (50%), Net new content for GitLab blog (50%)
- Contact: [@evhoffmann](
- **Aricka Flowers, Content Marketing Associate, Ops**
- Area of focus: Writing net new content for GitLab blog (100%)
- Contact: [@atflowers](
- **Suri Patel, Content Marketing Associate, Dev**
- Area of focus: Writing new content for GitLab blog (100%)
- Contact: [@spatel](
## Editorial Mission Statement
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