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Camilo's first contact with an opensource project was back in 2017 and fall in love with the idea of community and contribution that it involves.
He is passionate about technology and business development. In his spare time, Camilo loves traveling, attend community meetups and surfing the world wide web.
- slug: ericrosenberg
type: person
name: Eric Rosenberg
start_date: 2019-05-20
location_factor: 0.7444
locality: San Antonio, TX
country: USA
role: <a href="/job-families/engineering/support-engineer/">Support Engineer, Self-managed (Americas Central)</a>
reports_to: jason-colyer
picture: ericrosenberg.jpg
gitlab: ericrosenberg88
- Engineering Function
- Support Department
story: |
Eric lives in San Antonio, TX with his girlfriend Cassanda and their two dogs Rylie and Athena.
He enjoys working on his jeep and learning new things. When he is not working on something
tech/computer related, he keeps his mind busy by doing tasks such as juggling, puzzles, and rubiks cubes.
He also enjoys activities around water such as swimming, scuba diving, or taking care of his fish.
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