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### Annual Compensation Review Timeline
1. People Operations will review all benchmarks, rent indexes, and country factors associated with the Compensation Calculator and propose revised inputs to the Compensation Committee for approval/implementation.
* 2018 Deadline: November 15th
* 2018 Deadline: November 15th - Done
1. People Operations will reach out the managers to obtain updated experience factors for each active team member.
* People Operations will create a spreadsheet with all active team members listing the following information: employee number (for People Ops use only), name, title, and level.
* 2018 Deadline: October 22nd
* 2018 Deadline: October 22nd - Done
* Manager will then use the [Experience Factor Guidelines](/handbook/people-operations/global-compensation/#experience-factor-guidelines) to assess where each team member is within their current position.
* 2018 Deadline: November 15th
* 2018 Deadline: November 15th - Done
* Remember that this is also a good time to update your team’s position description if it does not reflect the role.
1. People Operations will calculate the amount of the increase for each team member and obtain approval from Finance for the total budget impact. Depending on budget constraints, the increases may be adjusted up or down. Before sending to Finance, update the exchange rates to the most recent date available.
* 2018 Deadline: November 30th
* 2018 Deadline: December 17th
1. People Operations will generate a google sheet which will serve as a summary of increases for each department and share with all direct and indirect managers. This manager review will be the time for management to verify the compensation calculator inputs and adjust increases. While these adjustments are based on market data and experience factors, rather than performance, team members who are currently struggling to perform at their current level should have that communicated clearly and the manager should consider delaying the increase until performance reaches an commendable level.
* 2018 Deadline: December 7th
* 2018 Deadline: December 21st
1. Managers will inform the team members of the increase.
* 2018 Deadline: December 31st
1. People Operations will stage the letters of adjustment, update [BambooHR](, and notify all payroll providers to be effective January 1st.
* 2018 Deadline: December 15th
* 2018 Deadline: December 31st
1. People Operations will generate letters of adjustment and stage for signatures. Each letter should also be accompanied by the [Code of Ethics Acknowledgment Form](/handbook/people-operations/code-of-conduct/).
* 2018 Deadline: December 31st
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