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Change link on button

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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
= image_tag "/images/home/forrester-ci-wave-graphic.svg", alt: "GitLab is in the Leader’s arc", class: "forrester-wave-graphic"
%p “GitLab supports development teams with a well-documented installation and configuration processes, an easy-to-follow UI, and a flexible per-seat pricing model that supports self service. GitLab’s vision is to serve enterprise-scale, integrated software development teams that want to spend more time writing code and less time maintaining their tool chain.”
%a.btn.cta-btn.accent.margin-top20{ href: '/resources/forrester-wave-ci-2017/' } Read more
%a.btn.cta-btn.accent.margin-top20{ href: '/analysts/forrester-vsm' } Read more
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