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......@@ -92,12 +92,14 @@ precedence in some cases and be more important than the gain in speed.” – Ra
At GitLab, we practice [asynchronous communication](/handbook/communication/),
so we “don’t expect an instantaneous response,” allowing us to focus on our
individual workflows. The problem with working asynchronously is that projects
can become delayed when working with team members in almost every time zone and
can become delayed when working with team members in different time zones and
responses don’t trickle in until the following day. Rapid movement might not be
made on projects because of time zone differences. [Mek Stittri](/team/#mekdev),
Engineering Manager of the Quality team, and Rachel acknowledge the difficulties
that can come with asynchronous communication.
>“My team is spread across so many projects and has someone in almost every time
zone, meaning communication can be challenging.” – Mek Stittri
>“This is my first role with an asynchronous method of working. I am finding that
many practices that work in a synchronous team need some adjustment to be useful here.” – Rachel Nienaber
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