Commit 656a68d4 authored by William Chia's avatar William Chia

Merge branch 'team-in-footer' into 'master'

Add team back to footer

See merge request !15362
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......@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@
%li= link_to('Jobs', '/jobs/', :class => 'footer-nav-link')
%li= link_to('Culture', '/culture/', :class => 'footer-nav-link')
%li= link_to('Press', '/press/', :class => 'footer-nav-link')
%li= link_to('Team', '/team/', :class => 'footer-nav-link')
%li= link_to('Analyst Relations', '/analysts/', :class => 'footer-nav-link')
%li= link_to('Handbook', '/handbook/', :class => 'footer-nav-link')
%li= link_to('Strategy', '/strategy/', :class => 'footer-nav-link')
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