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......@@ -79,7 +79,13 @@ when building the site with middleman:
1. The website will be built in a folder called `/public/` in the root dir
1. Install a static server `gem install adsf`
1. Open the `/public/` folder in another terminal and run `adsf` to start the server
5. Preview at port 3000: `http://localhost:3000/direction/`
1. Preview at port 3000: `http://localhost:3000/direction/`
Also, for the sake of speed, the issue info is cached for 24h in a local file cache
at `./tmp/cache/direction/`. If you want to requery the GitLab servers for updated
issue information, you can delete that cache locally (if you're using a local
development environment), or run a pipeline with the key
`CLEAR_DIRECTION_CACHE` set to clear it on the remote runner.
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