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We use lf linefeeds.

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*.md text eol=lf
*.markdown text eol=lf
......@@ -325,6 +325,7 @@ doesn't unnecessarily appear on other people's calendars.
### Writing Style Guidelines<a name="writing-style-guidelines"></a>
1. Do not use rich text, it makes it hard to copy/paste. Use [Markdown]( instead.
1. We use Unix style (lf) line endings, not Windows style (crlf), please ensure `*.md text eol=lf` is set in the repo's .gitattributes and run `git config --global core.autocrlf input` on your client.
1. Do not create links like "here" or "click here". All links should have relevant anchor text that describes what they link to, such as: "GitLab CI source installation documentation".
1. Always use [ISO dates]( in all writing and legal documents, yyyy-mm-dd, e.g., 2015-04-13, and never 04-13-2015 or 13-04-2015
1. If you have multiple points in a comment or email, please number them to make replies easier.
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