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......@@ -12,7 +12,6 @@ title: "Category Strategy - Geo-replication"
| | |
| --- | --- |
| Stage | [Enablement](/direction/Enablement) |
| Maturity | [minimal](/direction/maturity/) |
<!-- A good description of what your category is. If there are
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ title: "Personas Vision - Executives"
## What's next & why
- [Value stream management](/direction/plan/value_stream_management/)
- [Value stream management](/direction/manage/value_stream_management/)
### Walkthrough
......@@ -84,8 +84,8 @@ In recent years, there has been many smaller player to enter the project managem
relevant from their perspective.-->
Analysts in software project management, and in particular enterprise software management, are going beyond basic project management, as it applies to the software world. It is not sufficient to address this singular space and goal anymore. Analysts are looking at the bigger picture of DevOps, Agile transformation, and delivering business value to customers. In many ways, project management has become a subset of the greater goals of shipping value to customers as fast as possible, being able to get feedback as quickly as possible. So the relevant analyst domains are really enterprise agile planning and value stream management, which are two additional categories:
- [Agile Portfolio Management](../agile_portfolio_management/
- [Value Stream Management](../value_stream_management/
- [Agile Portfolio Management](../agile_portfolio_management/)
- [Value Stream Management](/direction/manage/value_stream_management/)
## Top Customer Success/Sales issue(s)
<!-- These can be sourced from the CS/Sales top issue labels when available, internal
......@@ -45,8 +45,8 @@ sponsors make crucial decisions of where to invest resources that have longer-te
business ramifications, using ROI analysis, resource planning, financial management,
and other tools.
In the **Certify** group, we have [**Requirements Management**](requirements-management),
[**Quality Management**](quality-management), and [**Service Desk**](service-desk).
In the **Certify** group, we have [**Requirements Management**](requirements_management),
[**Quality Management**](quality_management), and [**Service Desk**](service_desk).
Requirements Management will help organizations with more rigorous requirements
planning to track and manage changes and traceability of their intended software
(and even hardware) capabilities. Quality Management will help organizations maintain
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ and user journeys into this section. -->
The Analysis category covers GitLab's internal needs for an Analysis tool that serves the Product Department.
Please reach out to Luca Williams, Product Manager for Fulfillment ([E-Mail](
Please reach out to Luca Williams, Product Manager for Fulfillment ([E-Mail](
[Twitter]( if you'd like to provide feedback or ask
questions about what's coming.
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