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title: University | Process
## Suggesting improvements
If you would like to teach a class or participate or help in any way please
submit a merge request and assign it to [Job](
If you have suggestions for additional courses you would like to see,
please submit a merge request to add an upcoming class, assign to
[Chad]( and /cc [Job](
## Adding classes
1. All training materials of any kind should be added to [the university repo](
to ensure they are available to a broad audience (don't use any other repo or
storage for training materials).
1. Please link any new materials from the `/university` page
1. Don't make materials that are needlessly specific to one group of people, try
to keep the wording broad and inclusive (don't make things for only GitLab Inc.
people, only interns, only customers, etc.).
1. To allow people to contribute all content should be in git.
1. The content can go in a subdirectory under `/university`.
1. To make, view or modify the slides of the classes use [Deckset](
or [RevealJS]( Do not use Powerpoint or Google
Slides since this prevents everyone from contributing.
1. Please upload any video recordings to our Youtube channel. We prefer them to
be public, if needed they can be unlisted but if so they should be linked from
this page.
1. Please create a merge request and assign to [Job](
[» Back](/university)
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