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Update Alejandro team data (+ pet)

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......@@ -70,6 +70,10 @@
picture: pablo.jpg
human: mark
story: Cold? Need a lap-warming? Pablo's your man, err, dog.
- name: Moka
picture: moka.jpg
human: alejandro
story: Moka likes to sleep and to not be bothered while she's sleeping.
- name: You?
picture: ../logo-extra-whitespace.png
story: |
......@@ -1108,16 +1108,21 @@
story: |
Joining May 23rd
- name: A.R.
- name: Alejandro Rodríguez
locality: Santiago
country: Chile
role: <a href="">Developer</a>
reports_to: Backend Lead
picture: logo-extra-whitespace.png
story: |
Joining May 30th
picture: alejandro.jpg
twitter: eReGeBe
gitlab: eReGeBe
story: |
From Venezuela, now in Chile, Alejandro has been passionate about
computers from the moment he once actually deleted System32 and tried
to fix it. Since then he has developed Web applications for a variety
of clients with a wide range of technologies. He believes in Torvalds'
concept of "good taste" in code and strives to achieve it. Outside of
programming he enjoys trading card games and discovering new music.
- name: L.B.
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