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Clarify the types of sponsorships GitLab is willing to consider

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......@@ -565,6 +565,20 @@ Everyone posts their own social updates, to the extent possible. If you want to
- Plan on some delay when you pitch, so think about whether your post will still be relevant in 1 month or more.
- If you want a blog post to be published, you should be prepared to write it and format it independently before expecting a review. An easy way to do this is to copy the latest blog post file and edit it, filling in all the fields with your information and post text. Be sure to add a public domain/creative commons cover image, and [attribute properly](/handbook/marketing/blog/#cover-image) at the bottom of the post.
#### Sponsorship
We are happy to sponsor events and meet-ups where a marketing benefit exists,
subject to approval by Field Marketers. These sponsorships may be in cash or in
kind, depending on individual circumstances.
Organizational or project sponsorships may also be considered where a marketing
benefit exists. Typically, these sponsorships will be in kind - e.g., developer
time commitments, or [subsidized / free GitLab licenses](
Cash sponsorship of projects or organizations may be considered only in
exceptional cases - for example, if a project or organization that GitLab
depends on is struggling to survive financially.
#### New Ideas for Marketing Campaigns or Events
- Ideas for marketing campaigns
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